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e-Builder Construction Software Implementation

Construction Software Implementation

Owner organizations deploying SaaS systems for construction software implementation find they have greater control over their program’s cost, schedule, and scope with better access strategic, meaningful information that drives continuous business process improvement.

With more advanced web-based project management tools, e-Builder is able to help facility owner/operators managing large capital programs take a more proactive approach to customized portfolio management – an approach that focuses on specific needs in terms of project controls, process automation, information management, and reporting.


The e-Builder implementation methodology has the flexibility to meet your organization’s specific needs and time constraints. The customized approach might include tools to track and measure historical vendor performance, budget data, actual results, schedule information, changes and change management, design information, claim information, and many other sets of information that can be used to continuously improve how future projects are managed and find ways to minimize risk. As a web-based solution, e-Builder enterprise project management software allows owners to strategically manage their own project data and offer just the right combination of “out-of-the-box” functionality with customizable tools to quickly tailor the system to fit their organization’s information management needs (i.e., KPI tracking, reporting, etc.).

These systems are designed to take the lessons learned on current and past projects and apply them to future projects.

The company’s broad range of deployment tools and unique product capabilities result in:

  • Phased construction software implementation that is phased to minimize risk
  • Rapid time-to-market resulting in a faster return on investment
  • The highest degree of quality within the implementation lifecycle
  • A high adoption rate post-implementation, resulting in a higher return on investment

Our Methodology

e-Builder’s proven methodology is modeled after the Project Management Institute's (PMI) recommended 5-phase project implementation approach of:

These checks and balances offer transparency throughout the process, provide metrics and give you control over the implementation's scope.

These checks and balances offer transparency throughout the process, provide metrics and give you control over the implementation's scope.

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The e-Builder Professional Services team will configure your specific business requirements into your construction program management software.

The configuration consists of the design and creation of cost schedule and document templates, as well as process workflows. e-Builder also configures security access, reports, dashboards and email notifications to meet the needs of each type of user in the system.

Additionally, as part of the initial training, your team will learn how to make configuration changes or additions to your e-Builder account to facilitate future needs and growth.

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